I’ve almost lost the Spirit to travel Airlines


I’ve never had an amazing experience with Spirit Airlines and quite frankly I haven’t met anyone who has. Spirit is known notoriously for being the cheapest airline around and I guess the old adage is true, you get what you pay for. If you enjoy waiting in long lines, paying ridiculous checked luggage fees, and being delayed, by all means book a ticket. Don’t let me stop you. However if you value your time and money I’d caution against purchasing a ticket.

A few years ago a friend, lets call her her G, and I planned a trip to Flordia. It was an impulsive decision, but we had the money, so why not?? Not realizing the headace that would insue we innocently booked Spirit. Since I was arriving a few days after G, I decided I’d meet up with relatives, before meeting up with her. 

Now…this is where it gets ugly. G called me infuriated, she had just spent the last 4 hours waiting to board her plane. I know that doesn’t seem like a long time, but it was  for a domestic flight between New York and Florida!! Spirit doesn’t even have connecting flights for this route, so seriously what was the hold up? The airline claimed the flight was comming in from Florida and that the  weather was the source of the problem. Luckily for G, I was at work and could check the weather report, and….sunny blue skies. I think this only infuriated her more, but what could she do except wait??

Now four hours seems like a breeze compared to the time I spent waiting. I arrived at the airport early, like a good little passanger should, and had to wait 8 long hours anyway. It was like a sick little game I never wanted to play: Can you guess the departure time? Every hour on the hour they would push back the departure. To make matters worse I was supposed to meet my aunt for her birthday dinner that evening. I felt awful, but the situation was beyond my control. After spending the day waiting we were finally able to board our plane. The reason this time….technical difficulties.  I feel like they have a bunch of recycled excuses, but at least I was on the flight.

To compensate my friend and I for our inconvience, we were given a $50 credit voucher for future travel. Not to sound ungreateful, but that’s a pretty lame form of compensation if you ask me. Not only is it lame, but Spirit has the potential to profit from the both of us using their airline again. I actually intendend to use the voucher to change my flight to a later time, so I could meet my relatives for breakfast, before I left. But Spirit wasn’t having it, they wanted to charge me $150 to change the flight, and that after using the voucher. Were they serious?? I’ve flown from Shanghai to New York and paid less for a flight change. So I kept my ticket. 😦 Efff you very much Spirit Airlines!


Saving for Europe



Photo From The Guardian

Starring at my Eurotrip account balance I slightly drop my head, and take a deep breath. I still have a long way to go before this account is fully funded. I’m consumed with panic. I’m thrilled to be going to Europe, but fear I won’t have enough saved while I’m out there. For the moment, I need not worry. This trip isn’t quite real, until the flight is booked! I still have 4-5 months to save. I could also push back my departure date.

Starting from now I really need to push savings into high gear. I’m constantly reminding myself not to spend. It’s funny, normally I’m not a big spender, but since working in the mall I want everthing in sight. I guess the saying is true, you do covet what you see everyday. Anyway, I’ve made saving automated. Every month, at the minimum $75 is transfered from my saving into my Eurotrip account.

Thankfully the holidays are over now, so I can stop spending, and concentrate on beefing up my savings.  The biggest motivator for me to save will be booking the flight. Only then will this trip become a reality for me. And I’ll really have that, ‘Oh sugar-honey-ice-tea’ moment!

Budgeting A Europe Trip



Photo: Terrifichotels.net

After choosing which country or (countries) you’d like to travel, you can begin the fun process of budgeting for your trip. Creating a concrete budget prior to purchasing any flights or tickets may be the most crucial aspect to ensure your trips success. Consider all possible expenses. Next, break down your budget into three categories: Pre-trip, trip expenses, and miscellaneous expenses (which are unplanned and could dig into your budget)

Pre-Trip expenses include:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Accommodations
  • Travel Guides
  • Immunizations
  • Luggage/Backpack
  • Tickets (Airline & Train)
  • Toiletries

Trip Expenses:

  • Food
  • Going out
  • Sight seeing
  • Souvenirs

Misc Expenses:

  • Exchange rate
  • ATM fees
  • Tips
  • Hostel Towels and bed sheets
  • Laundry

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy travels!

Bonjour Mes Amis!

I’m the happiest when I’m sitting on a plane, waiting to jet off to my next adventure. A rush of exhilaration floods over me, it’s almost too much, I can barely contain my excitement. For the past 15 years I’ve earnestly listened to parents and siblings tales of their adventures in Europe. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to go, until now. As luck would have it I have a friend living in England. If the fates will allow I will be travelling in May. How incredible is that? Anyway, this will be a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings, on all things travel related. I’ll document all my adventures here, for you to share with me. Starting with London & Paris!