I’ve always loved travelling, even at the tender age of 3, from my earliest memories in Jamaica. My passion only continued to grow as I got older. My first solo flight was 8 years ago, when I was 18. It was a bit forced and unexpected.  My mother planned a vacation for the both of us to the Bahamas.

Back in 2004, if you were American you did not need a passport to travel to the Caribbean, only a valid state id and birth certificate. Unfortunately all I had was a driver’s licence and an expired passport. So, I could not travel until I had acquired all the required documents. My mother had two first class tickets, but did not want change her flight, so instead she changed my ticket, downgraded me to coach (so she wouldn’t have to pay the fee) and flew without me.

 Needless to say, in that moment, I became very independent . It was  real shocker, and completely nerve racking.  But I managed to keep it together,  find my way form Laguardia to New York City,  and obtain my birth certificate. With my birth certificate in had I was able to make my way back home from the city.  I was also able to order a shuttle bus to the airport, for the next day. A day later I flew to Bahamas, and met my mother, at her hotel. She was a bit surprised, but happy to see me. It was almost as if I passed a test in life.

What I can say is I grew a lot from that experience. I developed the courage to travel solo and the resourcefulness to get find my way in unfamiliar places. It’s a skill I’ll continue to use, and have used in my most recent trips. So far I’ve travelled to Canada, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Florida, and China! I plan to keep travelling and one day take a round the world trip.


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