Step 1: Have epic hair!

Just kidding! But honestly great hair or personal stlye does help. I would know, I have a halo around my head, and it’s a great convesation starter.

Step 2: Be fabulous.

I was scared shittless staying alone at a hostel, for the first time in London. The Clink 78 wasn’t my first choice, but it had high ratings, so I figured it couldn’t be too bad. Ever the city girl I couldn’t let anyone smell my fear. I was wearing deoderant, after all, but I’m sure everyone was too peroccupied with their own personal brand of BO to notice.  

After securing my room key and bedding I headed towards my dorm and braced myself for whatever I encountered beyond my door. I opended the door in slow motion, everyone looked up, and I said, “hello.”  The hard part was over, and everthing else after that was gravy. 

We all bonded, sharing stories about travels. Where we had been, where we were going and what we wanted to see/do next. Room mates really are the easiest people to connect with.

This girl from New Zeland, lets call her A,  and I spent the weekend together sightseeing and travelling around London. She was the perfect travel companion, (at least for the next few days), because we were close enough in age and had the same itinerary.

Step 3: Be Fierce!

My fist morning at the hostel, I went down for the free breakfast. It wasn’t much of a selection, only toast, and cereal. But, it was free and I met some freaking awesome people. Ehh…one freaking awesome person rather. Anyway, so I met this random hostel lifer, okay okay she was a temporary hostel lifer. (I thought it sounded cooler). She was living at the hostel for the summer, since she had a  fashion internship in London, and needed cheap accomedations! It was the coolest thing I have ever heard. Striking up conversation was really simple, all I had to do was comment on what she doing. She was working on of her fashion designs, so I just asked if she was a fashion student. A great ice breaker! Making friends is easy at a hostel, most people are by themeselves and want to make at least one friend.