With tea cultures around the world I thought in might be great to start a weekly installment, Tea Tuesdays. I love tea, and all of it’s amazing benifits. Tea can help prevent some forms of cancer, treat fine lines and wrinkles, aid in weight loss/control, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, etc, etc. I could go on and on all day…I do work in a tea store after all. But, I’ll spare you all the details. For this post anyway. But, I will be sharing amazing teas, blends, and writing personal reviews. 🙂 

Personally, I  prefer the loose leaf variety. It’s healthier, taste and smells better. Loose leaf teas can also be brewed more than once. My favorite brands are Teavana and Mighty leaf. The quality and accessablity is unmatched. Honestly it isn’t that expensive, if you think about it price value per cup. You can get mutiple brews from each serving, usually around 25-30 cups per two ounces. If you brew your  leaves twice you’ll get double the cups (around 50-60 cups). I’m pretty sure you can’t do that with the good ole Lipton brand. Not that I’m knocking Lipton teas, I just don’t feel like I get much from the tea bag.

So, tomorrow you can look forward to the first imstallment in my tea series.  And by the way Happy Monday!! 🙂