Many websites will tell you how to find the cheapest fares, or when to travel but, do enough of them focus on the cheapest city to fly into? I’m not so sure. In my experience researching the best fares, it was almost always 100% of the time cheaper to fly into Dublin, Ireland then any other European city. I booked my ticket through Aer Lingus, which only cost me $594 including tax!

What makes this even better? Ryan Air is located within Dublin Airport which makes it extremely easy to fly into many other major European cities. If you plan it correctly (booking ahead, and checking yourself in prior to departure) Ryan Air can save you a lot of cold, hard cash. 

Yes, I know the Euro Rail is a great alternative to Ryan Air, but it really depends on where you want to go, and how you want to travel. For me it was cheaper and faster for me to fly into each country.

The decision is ultimately yours but Dublin is a great starting point for any European adventure.