I’m sorry for the long absence. As you can imagine so much has happened. So, let me fill you in. First off, I did return to the good old US of A. As much as I would like to become an expat and live in Europe, I did not want to overstay my welcome, or become an illegal alien.

Classes recently started, and bought a new computer. Yay!! Which means more frequent post…..hopefully. Unfortunatly three weeks after buying said computer I got a virus. It was one of those evil ones that deletes all your programs and give you a blank screen. As an avid apple fan, on a $700 max computer budget, the virus was a neon sign with flashing lights that read, “welcome to Windows.” FML!

Anyway, the evil virus sent me on a rampage. I marched directly toward the Microsoft store with the intent of returning the piece of garbage. The anti virus software wasn’t living up to in’s namesake because my poor laptop was left unproctected.

I expressed my concern/fustrations to the manager, they (the mangager and his minions) still wouldn’t return it, or fix it. Instead the tried to sell me a bill of goods, “Well if you purchase our Protection plan you get this taken off right now.” Are you kidding me? Spend another $100. How is that even a solution? I just spend $600+ in this store 3 weeks ago, and because you installed shitty anti-virus software my computer got infected And I’m left to blame?!! If your software actually did what it claims I wouldn’t be here today?!
Anyway after much bitching and moaning they fixed my computer.Thank God! Anyway that’s enough rambelings for one blog post!