What I’ve learned thus far travelling on a budget, you really have to go with the flow, and be spontaneous! Never, in a million years would I dream up my current itineary. I planned on doing so many incredible things and yet incredioulsy I’m only doing a mere fraction.  The biggest dissppointment for me was omitting Paris from my travel plans. I would really love to go, but all that sparkle is well beyond what my current budget allows me to afford.

I never thought I would omit Paris and add Bratislava. Not that I have anything against going there. I’m open to travelling to all destinations, but it wasn’t even an afterthought. I guess it’s another country I  can cross of my list. The father of a friend of mine would object to crossing off Bratislava saying, “…you haven’t truely visited a country until you take a $hit there.” But, I beg to differ. Apparently you can see several major higlights of Bratislava within an hour span of time. Maybe, I won’t be there long enough to use the throne, but hopefully I will be there long enough to soak in the sights and enjoy the culture. I’m only passing through Bratislava on route to Vienna to visit a dear friend of mine. I still plan on going to Dublin and England, so honestly, in retrospect, there aren’t too many changes to my current itinerary and I’m excited for my next adventure!