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Photo: Shanghai.Unlike.net

One of my most memorable experiences from China was drunk driving at an indoor race track. (Don’t worry it was completely legitimate) After arriving you have to walk through the bar to get to the track. Nobody is going to hold a gun to your had and force you drink, but it’s a opportunity to drink and drive, in a  safe, controlled environment without  scary repercussions. So why not? The experience is exhilarating. But be careful other drunk drivers like to purposely crash into you. It’s like a real life version of Mario Cart, minus the magic mushrooms.  

I only warn against crazy drunk drivers, because I’ve dealt with them. Driving on a race track brings road rage to a whole ‘nother level. I’m not the word’s most competitive person, but these 2 idiots took it upon themselves to make me a target every time they passed. So I did what any normal person would have done…I conspired with my then boyfriend, and his friends, to overtake them on the track. It didn’t matter if I won. It only mattered that they lost! Evil? Maybe, but totally worth the look on their faces then they lost!  

Location Info:
809 Zaoyang Lu,
inside Changfeng Park,
near Guangfu Lu